Thursday, September 23, 2010


Was just rising from the haze of sleep, when I heard the whistle of a train. And was surprised that I heard it - its all of a mile away. And then out of the haze, I wondered why that should be.

Back in my grandparents village the track is quite a bit further away and the train whistle is one of the things to tell the time of the day by (and be right on the rare days the train runs on time). Cynicism aside, that is how people there boarded the town bus too - they would wait for the driver to sound the horn and then scramble to the bus stand at the very edge of the village.

In my current environs most sounds are absorbed by the surroundings - a busy, chugging & churning commercial city; I rarely notice them. But maybe one day I'll go back to my village and cleanse my system of the ambient noise levels I'm used to (and ignore) and once again start hearing that gentle breeze rustling through trees.

Monday, September 13, 2010


The deed is done. I had lamb chops tonight. What can I say... I guess with the bad health I had all of last week, there was 7 pounds lesser backing up the will, and it crashed.. But have been feeling much better today and hope to build up that muscle behind the will soon. Till then, all ye living things on two legs and you unsuspecting poor lambs, watch out!