Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend

Started with a stroll on the beach with nice company. Sat on the sands and talked about the explorations of our companion who has tried his hand at bee keeping, carpentry, advertizing, music, cooking, computer engineering... the list goes on. And hes so young. Loved the energy he has for life. Got back home to churn up a nice spread for our guests that night. Played board games well into the night and finished three bottles of wine between the six of us without even getting a cursory high!

The day after was better yet - started with a hike on Mt Tam where we traipsed about hunting for mushrooms! Learnt quite a bit about mushrooms. Was a beautiful beautiful day with clear fresh air and rolling landscapes. Rested midway through the hike on a vantage point giving us unending views of the ocean and the shores to the right. Scrambled through some underbrush in the lush redwoods and finally got rewarded with a cluster of Oyster Mushrooms. Wound our way back home where our young fellow (have to admit I do feel old with him around :P )whipped up a yummy yummy pasta with the mushrooms and Parmesan cheese with some kale tossed in. And oh the bread we had - just that little extra touch he put in with the toasting and garlic and cheese on it - soul food. Ate till I was ready to burst! Ended watching some TV online and finally dozed off with thoughts of a lazy work week ahead.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Grind of Bodies

That's what a pub dance floor usually is. A mill. Bodies colliding, crushing those poor little toes, that elbow in your back, unknown drink in your belly, and in SF pot fumes swirling around. And I love it. Which is crazy. But maybe with reason. Its probably the one place & time when I express myself uninhibitedly. Move in a way that makes sense to only me. Get rid of all that pent up energy from leading a non physical life ( I truly believe many city dwellers would happily go at it on a farm with shovels and etcetera just for the sake of it given half a chance - man has no idea what he has given up introducing machines for everything. But then again he created dance floors..). When I can stomp on toes with my heels and get away with a smile. No hard feelings. Good will and benevolence is abounding all around.
And then closing time comes around all too soon and you know your friends are going to get you home safe and all accounted for and that that key is waiting for you to get you inside and into a soundless sleep (stupor more like). To awake the next morning and wonder how many people had stomped on your sore sore toes or is it maybe the shoes...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Transient Beauty

Was on the train today when i saw this bit of grass on some playground lit up by a stray beam of sunlight on an otherwise cloudy morning. Had this golden effect on the grass. Was ethereal. Just like that one glimpse of hazy sunlight filtering through the trees speckled with dust raised by the street-cleaner on another early-morning-on-the-way-to-work. Or that night at the beach with the waters glazed by silver moonlight. When we rushed back fearing the dark shadows. All passing moments. But with a permanent image in my memories. Maybe thats the true secret behind beauty - transience. But then again maybe not.