Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend

Started with a stroll on the beach with nice company. Sat on the sands and talked about the explorations of our companion who has tried his hand at bee keeping, carpentry, advertizing, music, cooking, computer engineering... the list goes on. And hes so young. Loved the energy he has for life. Got back home to churn up a nice spread for our guests that night. Played board games well into the night and finished three bottles of wine between the six of us without even getting a cursory high!

The day after was better yet - started with a hike on Mt Tam where we traipsed about hunting for mushrooms! Learnt quite a bit about mushrooms. Was a beautiful beautiful day with clear fresh air and rolling landscapes. Rested midway through the hike on a vantage point giving us unending views of the ocean and the shores to the right. Scrambled through some underbrush in the lush redwoods and finally got rewarded with a cluster of Oyster Mushrooms. Wound our way back home where our young fellow (have to admit I do feel old with him around :P )whipped up a yummy yummy pasta with the mushrooms and Parmesan cheese with some kale tossed in. And oh the bread we had - just that little extra touch he put in with the toasting and garlic and cheese on it - soul food. Ate till I was ready to burst! Ended watching some TV online and finally dozed off with thoughts of a lazy work week ahead.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Grind of Bodies

That's what a pub dance floor usually is. A mill. Bodies colliding, crushing those poor little toes, that elbow in your back, unknown drink in your belly, and in SF pot fumes swirling around. And I love it. Which is crazy. But maybe with reason. Its probably the one place & time when I express myself uninhibitedly. Move in a way that makes sense to only me. Get rid of all that pent up energy from leading a non physical life ( I truly believe many city dwellers would happily go at it on a farm with shovels and etcetera just for the sake of it given half a chance - man has no idea what he has given up introducing machines for everything. But then again he created dance floors..). When I can stomp on toes with my heels and get away with a smile. No hard feelings. Good will and benevolence is abounding all around.
And then closing time comes around all too soon and you know your friends are going to get you home safe and all accounted for and that that key is waiting for you to get you inside and into a soundless sleep (stupor more like). To awake the next morning and wonder how many people had stomped on your sore sore toes or is it maybe the shoes...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Transient Beauty

Was on the train today when i saw this bit of grass on some playground lit up by a stray beam of sunlight on an otherwise cloudy morning. Had this golden effect on the grass. Was ethereal. Just like that one glimpse of hazy sunlight filtering through the trees speckled with dust raised by the street-cleaner on another early-morning-on-the-way-to-work. Or that night at the beach with the waters glazed by silver moonlight. When we rushed back fearing the dark shadows. All passing moments. But with a permanent image in my memories. Maybe thats the true secret behind beauty - transience. But then again maybe not.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Kinda Art

If there is anything in man made things that keeps me captivated for some time its the written words. I can spend hours on end reading captivating stories, articles, etc. Pictures painted with words. The real killer is that they let me add my own interpretation on things. That's the true beauty. And I don't come out at the end saying, "What was that?!".
Been reading again. After a long long hiatus. And the words are beautiful. Love the images. How plain old boring words can create such a crack up of a story. And I'm just now discovering the pleasures in finding the odd articles worth reading. Never was one for newspapers before. Though I still don't end up reading much of  the news part of it anyway. And Opinions. That's the good stuff.
 Not to forget - never realized all those esoteric words were hiding in such plain sight all these days. Hope the reading continues.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How (In)Appropriate

My company gives us a lot of discount on public transportation. About 45% off on Caltrain etc and free pass for the VTA. Sort of to promote the use of public transportation. They need to sweeten up the deal to make us take it. On the other hand I see all these people on the train who do all they can - take tickets for only part of the distance, sometime not get one at all and risk getting caught. All cos they can't afford it. The full price ticket. And here I am with the sweet deal.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Mad Dash

The nomad has moved again! Now to SF. A good friend had suggested time and again that I do this a long long time ago. Finally here I am, sharing a house right on top of a hill. With an amazing amazing view, and good weather so far. I have yet to explore, but like what I see so far. The commute on the train, the welcoming rain, nice & helpful landlord (?) who loves to cut up things (!?), the hikes up and down the hill daily, the views, the people. That is probably my favorite. The mill of people churning around.
Changed the settings on my alarm & slept late yesterday, only to realize in the morning that I had overslept! But not till I was at the door did I realize how close I was to catching the train, and I couldn't give up without trying. So out the door I went, dashing down the hill, running in front of cars over the zebra crossing, just to see the train doors close right in front of my eyes about fifteen steps away! But wait the train wasn't moving yet and a few people were walking to the front of it. And so I followed too. There it was, the bothersome door, refusing to close! Oh how I loved it at that moment! And so the stars aligned to get me in on that train where I sat beating my brains over a crossword (not even one extra solution did I get though while on the train!).
I have a feeling my friend is right. And I will love it here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Experience of a Lifetime

Backpacking South rim to North rim of The Grand Canyon. We were supposed to be eighteen of us on the trip, but dwindled down to fifteen cos of one collar bone fracture and two last minute drop outs. I knew only five of the others; but by the end of the trip got to know the rest too. Over long lazy afternoons, and early morning hikes. The shepherds - always looking out for the straggling hiker. The driven  hikers. The loyal one and the one underestimating his own capabilities. And the one hiker who stayed unfussy through the trip - not her usual style!
Got to know the unrelenting heat of the Canyon and how good it feels to rest in its shades. The pretty little nooks it has hidden away for the hikers who seek them out. The beauty of its vastness. The wild flowers springing in the most unexpected setting. The rivers trickling down over time smoothed rocks. The tranquil deer getting a drink from the stream, that decided to empty its bowels upstream of where we were unwinding in the coolness of the flowing water. The oasis in the dessert - where our thirsty & hot bunch got quenching, chilling & amazingly refreshing lemonade! And chilled out with some Uno, who would've thought!
The unbroken uniformity of the landscape while trudging along only to turn a corner and suddenly feel the cool breeze from the river flowing nearby. Ah the cool waters, how good they felt on the dipped feet. That piece of paradise formed by a piddling little stream of water. The grandest view of the Colorado cutting through the Canyon in the setting rays of the Sun. Chance meetings with strangers and getting to know that quintessential detail about them which somehow stays with you. Nights spent under starry starry skies with streaks shooting across every so often! (I've made a loot of wishes! :) ) The clamorous crickets and incessant buzz of more insects. The daring squirrels, the un-bothered deer. The soaring birds. The crisscrossing switchbacks. The sandy uphills. The sweet support of the trekking poles. The undying solar lamp. The never ending last two miles (so true is the untaught law - weight is directly proportional to time!). The beautiful beautiful sight of the dumpster which heralded civilization!
Best four days.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Tidbit

Read this somewhere today - the reason we sweat when nervous is cos our system is preparing to run! Fight or flight. So apparently we sweat in areas which chaff when running so it helps against chaffing. Isn't that interesting?! the first reaction our body has to any kind of agitation is - run! :P
I find it hilarious for some reason! :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

Moonlight Hikes and Shooting Stars

Love living in the Bay. As they say - Location location location. And this one of the best I've seen. This summer has been particularly good to me. Numerous hikes, travels and fun in general.
Hiked the Mission Peak again yesterday and this time it seemed easier though I was on the harder trail. And was it beautiful! The weather was the best and the moonlit path back just divine! Seeing as I had a wish to make and that it was that time of the year for Perseid's meteor showers I was wishing to see a shooting star.. and wasting a wish in wishing for it! :D But I did see one and got to make my wish - so all is good!
One of the best hikes I've been on recently. Loving Summer! Always :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is it Me?

I often had issues with taking stuff people say at face value. I find nuances which make me believe they are making it up. Or some such excuse to say the speaker is not being true. Is it maybe because I am not capable of the what they are talking about and hence internally convert what they are saying into a falsehood?
As they say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'


After a lot of procrastination, I have taken the first step toward exploring what I might like to do with my time. It might be hard to work it out, but still I'm hopeful. Involving others in my plans seems to be helping - one way or the other :)
So people, friends wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Put to Rest

Today I finally closed my Orkut account. This is the first online account of any sort that I have closed out. I still have a few email accounts I don't access anymore but never got round to deleting. Don't know why I didn't. But for some reason I felt like shutting down my Orkut account today and went ahead and did it! In anticipation of Google+? Don't think so. More like to remove unnecessary distractions.

And I guess this is my eulogy for the account. Which had served me well back in the day. I do not miss you, but you shall be remembered.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Contacts

Have you ever contacted people randomly? I do. Started when I was a kid - picked three people from a children's magazines pen friends list. I did communicate with a couple of them for a while and then the mails trickled out. Till finally all I was left with was a bunch of old mail.

And then one day, on a whim I randomly check FaceBook for one of their names, and I happen upon her twin sister! My pen friend is doing good and remembers me. And is happy she is remembered too. But too busy to get back in touch looks like. Life goes on. Recently I happened upon a few pics in flickr which were so beautiful, that I had to contact the person and say so. In return I was presented with the link to his blog. Its such a window into life in India. Street life. I'm glad I did contact him.

These random contact experiences have been good to me. Maybe I shall explore it more. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Instant Updates

There was a time when I considered a cell phone with a data plan a superfluous extravagance. When being online at work all day or the frequent updates on a laptop were good enough. And then comes the iPhone. And perspectives changed. Actually scratch that, perspective is still the same. But habits changed. And I entered into the realm of update addiction - I check my email/FB etc every other minute! or so it seems.

Its such a frivolous waste of time. I need a break. From my online-ness. And there I am employed in a company trying to make more access possible. I guess more is no longer possible (or have I spoken too soon?). But faster for sure! How very fitting.

The good thing though, is that when I am doing something I find interesting, I can absolutely tune off. And its comforting to know I'm not a total addict. but for now I have to go and check in on my email, waiting for the next absolutely engrossing moments to occur. So long.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Days

I love random days - days with no particular agenda and things take their own course. Like the one I had this long weekend. Took my camera and toted along to SF on the train. As it seems to happen often on my days in SF, it was a glorious day. The Sun was out in full blaze and the winds were keeping things sane. My first stop was at the "Ice Creamery" right outside the CalTrain station. Had a yumm brunch of Crepes with some fruit and an iced T with a lot of ice (which was welcome for a change!). Love the decor of this place. They had a fresh bunch of flowers on every table and sturdy wooden furniture to go with it.
I got to meet and talk with a lot of  people this time, bolstering my intentions of moving to SF - I love meeting new people. The guy at the Creamery complaining about how his ex-wife was spoiling his weekend by not letting their kids visit him as planned; though he was so hooked to being online (showed off his FB page too!), I'm sure she has good reasons for it! The lady at the Muni station who talked to me about her time in SF and how she might be taking up a job in Oakland soon. But would be staying in SF still as she loved the city. The two old men in the train, one of who made me note down his number and let him know how this spot I was headed to turned out to be. They also told me about the Picasso exhibit in De Young, which became my next destination after the Mosaic staircase. And what a beautiful staircase it was! All made with the help of neighborhood people apparently. Was a lot of steep steps and uphill walking to get there, but totally worth the effort.

Since I was so close to the De Young, it only made sense that I head there and check it out. So that's what I ended up doing. And what a big museum it is! With a lot of good stuff. For a change I really appreciated some of Picasso's work. And the beautiful African art. The Balenciaga exhibit almost felt like a fashion show, with people not toning down their voices as is native at a museum, but discussing the displays with full gusto.
Towards the end of my visit, while waiting for the Spanish music program to start, I headed off with some hot chocolate into the garden adjacent to the food court. Was sitting there idly clicking photos and catching up on phone calls when this tiny toddler zones in on me with his hands held high for balance while he wobbled over. It was the cutest sight, silver blue eyes all focused on his target, which turned out to be my nose! I guess it was either too big by his standards(?!) or the glittering nose ring on it that caught his eye. But he had no compunction about running his mud filled hands all over my face and giving me the divinest smile in exchange :)
Wish I had taken a photo of him, but I was having so much fun I didn't want to spoil the moment by introducing a camera into the picture.
The Spanish music turned out to be decent too, with the lady tap dancing to the beats. Headed back home after listening to it for a bit. With a stop at the Creamery again. This time got a beautiful shot of the setting sun lighting up the flowers which were still fresh.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Love!

National Parks. I can stare at NP pictures forever. I can plan trips to NPs forever. I can lust after NP trips forever. I could spend all my long weekends on them. I fantasize about visiting one every so often. They drive me to buy insanely expensive cameras so I can get some good captures of my moments spent there for posterity. And to sign up for carrying heavy backpacks. They always surprise me. Despite my already high expectations. I mean seriously, whats not to love?? Check these out.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


For the first time in my life had a personal encounter which showed me how important it is to use your right to vote wisely. And to use it for sure. Democracy is good but when you elect people to represent you, and the representation is not correct, how would democracy work? Not everything can be put to vote. These representatives need to be the right people for the job!

And realized I have very low tolerance for what I perceive as "stupidity". Need to keep working on that Patience.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

TV Series and My Life

Was in a meeting today that I was half interested in and listening to the guy drone on about his products. There were others present representing the vendor company and at some point I started watching the facial expressions going over each ones face during their interactions. And I think I could discern some things. Not that I can prove my conclusions are right.

So that's what "Lie To Me" is doing to me these days! Making me watch faces and expressions. Not an uninteresting hobby. But seriously, I need to stop watching so many episodes of it!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Water Balloon Fights & Concert nights

Had a surprisingly super picnic with co-workers yesterday. It was one of those days when nature conspires to make sure you have a good time :)
Lovely weather (after a long time) and great company to enjoy it with. My directors, managers and everyone just jumped into the whole water balloon fight and what a splash it was! Everyone left with a smile on their face and some with a promise of revenge! The fun times are rolling. Hope everyone is having a great summer.

And while I'm at it, should mention the simply awesome U2 concert I was at the night before! What a mid week. One to remember for ages.Aren't Summers just beautiful.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was there for this long weekend and before I forget, I thought I should record my impressions.

People who know me, know how I'm always in a sweater/jacket. Can hardly tolerate a light breeze. The first thing I did on getting to Boston, at the airport, was to take off my sweater. And this was at 6am! The sweater  stayed inside for most of the trip. It was divine weather.
As it was so early, I didn't want to wake up my hosts right away, so ended up leaving my stroller at the apartment's unmanned lobby (! not something I would do here in the bay area, and it was there waiting for me when I got back!) and took off on a stroll. Seeing as how the river was so close by, I walked towards it. The place had a very suburban feel to it. Empty streets at that time of the day. Greenery all around. The one resident waving his arm in greeting when I passed by. Very laid back and idyllic. And the brick houses just made it all look so much more romantic.
There were people already rowing on the river when I got there. Probably practicing for the regatta? A few geese (the geese! will never forget them from my time at Rutgers :) ) waddling by. The stray runner jogging along. If I had this weather here in CA, I might be running every so often too! It was peaceful. And ever so pleasant.
Was sad come Monday evening when I had to fly back to CA. For many reasons. One of which was the sweater I had to don right after I landed at SJC.


After all that learning, reading, sharing, interacting the way we do, I wonder how much of what we believe in is original. Did I ever have an original thought? Considering the conditioning society sends its kids through, it is hard for original thoughts to survive. Conforming to the norm is always encouraged. Do people nourish original ideas? Are kids encouraged to think beyond the box?

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Recently realized both ASHA and AID are both celebrating Twenty years of inception this year. I found that a very interesting fact. There must have been a reason for the surge of philanthropy at that time 20years back for such a coincidence? I will be attending their annual conference this weekend. Kind of excited. There will be people there who have given up challenging/interesting/lucrative jobs to dedicate their time to helping others.

Monday, May 23, 2011


There are three people in my company whom I love passing by. Like today morning - I'd just flashed my ID card at the door to enter when one of them opens it from the other side and says "This must be my lucky day"! Best start possible! I know he must be saying similar stuff to a ton of others, but it matters not a bit. And the compliments they have for my smile - always make me smile more :)
Anyway, me thinks flattery is a very nice thing. A pleasantry  to make someone's day that bit more brighter :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Update on Yumm

Made it! Actually combined two recipes - Potato Gratin and Kaesespaetzle. Was good. Very. Even if I say so myself.

Can't see the Spaetzle in the pic, but its in there..

Monday, May 9, 2011


For a while now my browsing online has been liberally dosed with food blogs. The photos are so good, at times I have sat craving for said food. So after a lot of these episodes, I have decided to actually start cooking/baking/making some of these recipes. And I'd love to have people taste what I end up making. So don't forget to check in on me, I just might be cooking up something yummy!

Will start with potato gratin. Can't go wrong with potatoes and roasted cheese, right?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loving Summer!

I'm going stir crazy here sitting in my cube, gazing longingly at the golden outdoors every so often! And my camera! It has opened up this beautiful other world for me!! Everything looks so good through the lens! Even mundane things like a book lying on my bed. Need to go exploring with it soon.

Dear Gods, take pity on me and put me an outdoors job I'd love to do!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Wish I Could Remember!

Back to reading a bit lately. And once in a while I come across something that strikes a chord somewhere. Brings a smile or makes me ponder or maybe agree with the writer. But the sad part is, for the life of me, I'm unable to remember it for long! Maybe I should write it down somewhere and store it for posterity! With my iPhone it should be handy enough to do something! Maybe get a picture of the relevant passage?! Now there's an idea! Or maybe make my lazy fingers type it out :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Been noticing that being environmentally friendly actually turns out to be quite heavy on the pocket in the current age. Having at an early stage had the privilege to spend some time with my grandparents in our village, this seemed very counter intuitive to me. Till I started exploring it more.

Take your clothes for example. To be "green", you'd have to wear something locally grown and manufactured - you know less transporting around, less fuel, etc etc. So that would mean growing it on very pricey land, getting the fabric made using very expensive labor locally vs some sweat shop in a 3rd world country. No wonder all the clothes I saw at the "Green Festival" recently were so expensive! And they weren't even made locally! They had just used cotton/hemp - once the cheapest fabric!

Likewise, being vegetarian in India was so easy. With the variety of vegetables available and recipes to cook the same, it was quite natural to enjoy multiple meals without craving for meat. We had meat once a week back in the days. I'm sure that helped cut down on many a "caged farm". Talking about organic/cage free, everyone knows how expensive shopping at Whole Foods can get! And I'm not even sure the stuff there is made locally. Most likely not, just that they ensure "Fair Trade" happens - translate no child labour or sweat shops. Gas still gets burnt shipping across oceans! The flip side of this is that, the places where commodities originate from, have their own issues - they successfully provide the westerners what they want at cheap rates but in the bargain the local situation/economy gets all entangled!

In an environment like this, its very hard to sell "Green". Forget about selling it, I'm not sure I should be talking about it, given my hopes/plans for travel around the world! Have been trying to think differently, and stop looking at things as issues but rather as constructive avenues. And still trying to figure out how to get there. In a world that is so friendly to destroying itself how can one make "green" accessible? Not looking for any blase/pat answers. I guess I'm just trying to collect and make some cohesive meaning of what I've been looking at.

On a different note, I saw this TED video recently on gaming. Love how people have these amazing perspectives! I'm mean about video games?! Admire her for it. You'll see where I'm getting my "constructive" talk from :P

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I came across an article today which I thought was totally ridiculous. Not how it was written, but the work its was talking about. Anyway. As soon as I read it, I wanted to share with someone what I felt about it. And opened gmail after copying the link. And started thinking: whom should I send it to?
It all comes down to who shares the same sensibilities that I do and would understand where I was coming from. Seems like there are fewer and fewer people in that list these days. Which is a good thing I guess. A mix is always good to keep one balanced. But just got me wishing there was a default person I could email who understood everything I had to talk about!
For now chose one who would get it, but not necessarily think along the same lines.

PS: for those of you curious about it:


instead of cutting down on our own carbon footprint, they are researching how to deprive some poor old cow! :P

Let me know what you think and I might add you to my "to email" list :)

Friday, March 25, 2011


Since I wrote what I did below, I happened to come across a video, an amazing and inspiring one where there was this view about art - that it is something that makes you think beyond what you do on a regular day. Something that makes you wonder. Taking that for my definition now, I have to say I have come across a lot of art thus far, every day, and even though I never defined it as art till this moment, just as a means to transport me beyond my daily drudge, I think it qualifies. After all art is that which enhances life. Or is that just another opinion I have adopted? :)

There is this one exhibit I saw once. It was in a room all by itself. A big room. When I entered it, at first I couldn't see the exhibit. My eye-sight is partly to blame I'm sure. But then as I got in some more, I could make out that there was a beam of light focused on  this particular spot on the floor somewhere to the opposite corner of the room. I walked closer to see what was there. I had to walk quite a bit before I could see it in all its glory. A small cube. About the size of a die.
I have since told the story about this ridiculous exhibit I had once seen. Had quite a few laughs. But then, of all the things in that museum that day, there are only a few I can vividly recall. This has been one. It has made me wonder quite a bit I have to say. But still something stops me from calling it art. I guess the thoughts that come out of the wondering have to be positive in some sense for me to acknowledge it as art.

I rather surprise myself with my perspective sometimes. And maybe one day I will read this post again and realize how transitional it truly is.


Had this discussion with a friend the other day and wanted to check what others think..
What does ART mean for you? I guess I'm trying to understand what one is looking for in Art and why some things are artsy for some and not so much for others.

To me personally, I guess I'm looking for something which is aesthetically pleasing. Or maybe something that captures life in a different light. I'm sure if I give it more thought I can throw in more points for what works for me. But one thing remains - I am many times not able to figure out modern art.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is There a Time for Morals?

I was reading this article about how there has been no looting happening in Japan post the recent earthquake and tsunami. And the opinion of readers is that this is due to the moral standards of the Japanese populace. And the fact that they don't violate those standards in times of disruption. Got to me thinking how strong my standards are. To the most part, I would try to stick to them probably, but then I realized I'm not averse to following the crowd and maybe, just maybe, if I saw everybody dipping into a broken down store and picking up what they liked, I would follow suit.  Would that be out of a survival instinct to stock up for what might come in whatever way possible? Donno.

Its a hard thing to do - sticking to morals at all times. I'm glad I came across this article. Admire the people.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Weekends

Met up with some good friends from undergrad and the moment led me to saying "I'm glad I am where I am in life". After the excitement of the weekend revelry and general good times, I realized how true that statement is. I am very happy with who I am. Over the years I have made plenty of choices and some were made for me. I might have chaffed at a few of them and regretted some at the time. But seeing where those very same choices have brought me, I have to say life has been good to me.
Love how happiness permeates into everything in your life - I see a rainbow everywhere right now. They say you are lucky if you can count your good friends on one hand. Then I am beyond lucky.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Corner Coffee Shop

Just about time for people to head home from work. A slow stream of people move in. Occupying the empty tables. Some preferring the ground floor with the smell of coffee wafting all over and some the relative mass of people in the mezzanine. The one burly guy looking at every girl walking in. The one older lady, concentrating with all her scrunched eyes on her laptop and the work she was finishing up - day planner (she had a paper one!) open and stuff strewn around her. The two guys who probably work there part-time - they seemed to know one of the employees. A varied bunch.
Preferring the masses to the flow of people, ended up on the mezzanine too. Darn, all the window tables were taken. One person per table. The kids were busy poring over books; guess its that time of the year - exams. The guy with the ear phones tapping his folded foot to the tunes playing in his ears - oblivious to the crowd. The elegant lady, joined soon by a handsome guy, they were definitely discussing work. The lady at the window, on her phone waving to friends below, she must have been waiting for them - she left soon after. Coffee now cold. like the latte artwork they do - isn't it nice when you expect something and get that bit more than you expected?
And then I. Whiling time till when my yoga class would start. I wonder why I have not been to coffee shops more often...

Friday, January 28, 2011


Rambling through youtube as usual, today I happened to stumble upon this old video of Susan Boyle's performance from back then when she first made her public debut. All I can say is every time I see it, it never fails to be a hair raising experience. I mean just look at it. When she gets on stage you can see how people react to her presence. The dubious expressions, the rolling eyes, raised eyebrows. This video captures it all. Social conditioning.
And then she sings.

Looking forward to more experiences which shake me out of my perspective.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Resolution for the Year

Send out more snail mail to family/friends - always much more expressive/effective than an email/e-card.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happiness and Pets

I grew up having a pet. Timmy - named after the dog in Famous Five :) Us siblings were major fans of the series. Actually the series is one of the reasons I ever got hooked onto reading. But that's a story for another time. He was with us for about 13 years. And one day he upped and left and never came back. The gate was left open by some moron who visited our house and we never saw him again. It wasn't the said persons fault really cos Timmy could always find his way back... but yeah, a moron left the gate open that day.

Loud barking nights when he found the odd rat running for cover into burrows he couldn't reach into. Crazy Timmy, never knew when to give up :) I remember how I used to come home from school earlier than the others once in a while to find the whole place locked up. Would jump over the wall, sit on the ledge in the portico waiting for others with keys to arrive. All the while with only Timmy for company. I would rub his thick fur till it was glossy black and my palms sticky black. He would lie his head trustingly in my lap and lap up the attention. I loved doing that. And he obviously loved it. I guess the reason I loved it was cos he did. I hated getting my hands dirty. Do to this day. But loved rubbing his fur and scratching behind his ears.

Miss having a pet.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Moments

Eight mile hike with the gang - they made me proud; view/location worth every minute of the drive and hike. Brunches on Sundays. Jazz in NYC - awesome! American Idiot - love Green Day.Dashing through snow. Getting cab rides and over tipping in view of the holidays. Last minute shopping. South Street Seaport - one of my fave spots of all time. Look of determination on a teeny tiny face as he struggles to stand up. Unconscious struggles/wiggles to find the spot in his crib. My darling darling nephew. Horror at my own impatience/irritation that one time. Missed Central Park again. Time with Sis and Cousin. Video chat with more cousins. Sweaters to coats to T-shirt in a matter of days - America you span long and wide! Text messages with New Year wishes. At home in bed on New Years eve :)

Best end to a good year. Looking forward to the new one.

Happy New Year everyone!!