Friday, June 25, 2010


Growing up, loved these ads from Dairy Milk - KuchKhaasHai1 & KKH3. And the Amul ads frequently updated on the billboard above Manikanda bakery - they had some of the best one liners I've seen so far.

There were one or two other ads I used to like watching - Humara Bajaj , Doodh Doodh. I'll bet you can't guess what this ad is for: Ad (unless you've already seen it :) ).

These days the ads I enjoy most are made by auto manufacturers. Like this one from Mercedes and this one from Audi. Love them. Have to record this one from Honda as one of the good ones. Some non auto mfg ads like this one on seat belts! And not to forget the Incredible India ads. This one that plays on psychology from Virgin Mobile reminds me of the stuff we used to try on our parents :P Love the punch line on this one :)

Creativity captured in short span of a commercial! Love it. Wish I could make stuff like this.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Games and Volunteers

Did I already mention it - I love board games? I must have. But time for re-iteration - I love board games!! :)

Be it with house-mates over a game of Blokus or with strangers over friendly matches of Carroms or with friends over competitive Catan; inevitable to have fun. Spent last Saturday playing carroms. I never perceived myself as a good player. I still think I'm not; but I have my flashes of genius! Lets not get carried away - flashes of good playing :P Thanks in dollops to my doubles partner.

Volunteering is fun. Be it at the Carroms tournament or the early morning runs on Saturday where I'm the water carrier :) Free rides to beautiful locations and the chance to bike in said locations. Rubbing shoulders with people resolute enough to run marathons or half marathons. Conversing with die hards who believe in the cause. These are the fun parts of volunteering; the stuff I participate in. But then there is a whole different level to it. There is something to be said about people who diligently attend meetings and coordinate projects long distance; who spend hours and days in advancing their cause and organize rallies to increase awareness, in researching for their fights; who stake out dharanas; who leave behind personal aims and ambitions to work for others less fortunate.

So here's to all the real volunteers out there, doing an awesome job at it, not craving recognition or accolades but just the greater good of people - you are amazing!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Breathing in and out through the mouth, her whole mind concentrating on getting it right. The air going out not making bubbles. The afternoon sun beating down on her back. Floating, floating on the lapping waves; gently swaying to their tempo. Lulled by the calm her mind moved on to the surroundings. The clear blue waters. The green sea weed she could make out growing in clumps at the bottom of the ocean. She felt she could do this forever.
Emboldened by the time that had passed, she struck out more into the ocean. Not quite too far though, she was a cautious being these days. Even in her favorite element. Roaming eyes looking out for any kind of moving life that might be around. This was bliss!

And then her fears kicked in and with a big wheeze for air, her head poked out and her hands beat around to find a hold; a hold on her balance till her feet hit rough sands and she was walking back to the shore. Snorkelling. Worth exploring more.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Big "O"

Days have been exciting recently. Lots of good stuff happening. Latest of which was a week long trip to Puerto Rico. Loved the place. And the bunch of friends I went with. Memories for keeps :)

I hardly remember what I was doing this time ten years back. Must have been at college, finishing my last year of undergrad. Fretting when the academic year would end. Before I move on. Hoping for a glimpse into the future. Excited about what was to come next. Definitely. Don't think I was giving the year much significance though. This year, a decade later, there's more caution in the outlook. Thought to things to be done yet. With age comes wisdom? Recently I've started perceiving past as a buzz killer - experiences tend to shadow whats to come.. not in a bad way.. just that they take the edge off the excitement - maybe with anticipation. And it bothers me that I'm probably looking more to the past than I did a decade ago. Granted there is more to look at now than back then :P, but surely its as futile now as it was ten years ago?

Just considering the present, I love the place I am at right now. With a good mixture of excitement and comfort. Not much to complain about. But there are things to do. Not sure why that was said with a but. If there were no things to do, no point to life huh? More than things to do, I think this time I looking forward to more meaning. Not sure what to expect exactly.. :) but hey that adds to the excitement! So definitely looking forward to whats to come in the next ten years.