Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hmmm So....

We had a product release party a few weeks ago. It was like any other release party, only this time I let someone take a photo of me. I didn't think much of it till this lady came to my cube a couple of days ago to get me to sign a release. It was the first time I signed a "model release" letter to allow the use of my picture. Didn't think much of it then either actually. And then yesterday they placed a poster in the lobby of my building with my picture right there on top. Alongside others of-course. And that's when I noticed. Or rather other people did. And suddenly random colleagues were coming upto me and asking if that is me on the poster downstairs!

My "5min of fame"?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain and Me

Option 1: Stay in bed all day cuddled up in my cozy comforters with an interesting book and some warm drinks and hot bajjies. And listen to the lazy patter of the rain.

Option2: Drive around in my car with the best rain songs and let loose my repressed vocal chords.

Option 3: Make some comfort food, call friends home and spend the whole day playing board games and lazing around chit-chatting.

Option 4: Get into that pouring rain and soak till the skin wrinkles and the shivers start only to get beck to a hot hot shower and hot chocolate. And bajjies. And blaring music.

What I did end up doing:

Drove to work wishing I could turn around. Eyes popped when I got there around 10am to a full parking lot (it was terrible weather) and realized people have started losing all sense of a bad weather day! Went for that yum Indian buffet lunch (which did have bajjies and hot tea btw) and met friends, one by pleasant chance. Looked up all songs good for a rainy day. Did some work somewhere along the way. And drove back home with the volume punched up high and windows rolled down, the occasional spatter of rain a refreshing bonus. Went shopping with my roomie (my iPhone finally has a cover!!) and ended with some TV and tasty leftovers.

Not exactly what I would have planned but a lovely day nevertheless. Love Monsoon. Wish we had it here in the US.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Old Friends

Lying in the sun, with the wooden deck warming her back, she felt it couldn't get better this. One of her friends was busy clicking photos for posterity's sake. The other three were lazing too in various degrees of relaxation, one leaning against the post and dangling her feet in the clear water under the deck.

Meeting up after long, and still sharing the old comfort with each other. Friends and Sun and lazy Banter and breathtaking Views. Life is Good.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Experiences Beyond

When an idea is personified by an image of a big bubble surfacing to the top of a conical head with viscous brains,
When a tired shoulder is an image of an opaque and heavy limb slumping along the spine,
When happy is a state with no reason,
When the happiness turns into a full blown clutching your stomach with pain attack of laughs,
When no amount of food can quench your stomach's hunger,
When sleep is a thick blanket your eyes are overcome with suddenly...

... then my friend you have had a brownie at a music concert in SFO.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Perpetual Nomad

That's what I seem to be... this is my 4th move in two years... am getting quite good at packing and unpacking and carting things around. Compare this to my childhood spent all at the same house (almost) and school. Looks like I'm trying to balance out across the years :) But as they say, Change is the essence of life and I'm more than happy making that my mantra.

The Zen Room. Thats what I'm calling my room right now. Its got the best balance of light and the serenading sound of the fountain close by just soothes the spirit. Its... picture perfect! And then I stumbled upon the dark thread of ants running across the room the other day. Now I'm trying to co-exist with them. Telling myself they are not bothering me as long as they don't bite. All part of the Zen living. Time to bring my plants home and imbibe them into the ecosystem that is my room.