Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How (In)Appropriate

My company gives us a lot of discount on public transportation. About 45% off on Caltrain etc and free pass for the VTA. Sort of to promote the use of public transportation. They need to sweeten up the deal to make us take it. On the other hand I see all these people on the train who do all they can - take tickets for only part of the distance, sometime not get one at all and risk getting caught. All cos they can't afford it. The full price ticket. And here I am with the sweet deal.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Mad Dash

The nomad has moved again! Now to SF. A good friend had suggested time and again that I do this a long long time ago. Finally here I am, sharing a house right on top of a hill. With an amazing amazing view, and good weather so far. I have yet to explore, but like what I see so far. The commute on the train, the welcoming rain, nice & helpful landlord (?) who loves to cut up things (!?), the hikes up and down the hill daily, the views, the people. That is probably my favorite. The mill of people churning around.
Changed the settings on my alarm & slept late yesterday, only to realize in the morning that I had overslept! But not till I was at the door did I realize how close I was to catching the train, and I couldn't give up without trying. So out the door I went, dashing down the hill, running in front of cars over the zebra crossing, just to see the train doors close right in front of my eyes about fifteen steps away! But wait the train wasn't moving yet and a few people were walking to the front of it. And so I followed too. There it was, the bothersome door, refusing to close! Oh how I loved it at that moment! And so the stars aligned to get me in on that train where I sat beating my brains over a crossword (not even one extra solution did I get though while on the train!).
I have a feeling my friend is right. And I will love it here.