Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Know

..subconsciously exactly where each alphabet is on the keyboard. If I stop using my brain and let my fingers type. But then if I start my brains on and try to "remember" where the alphabet is, I most likely will fail! I know its crazy but its true.

Maybe I should let my subconscious make all my decisions... it seems to be able to pull up things my conscious mind cannot uncover. Hmm... now there is food for thought. Does that mean I should let my first impressions rule?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Weekend

I'm loving weekends these days. Some with lots of activities, some with lots of travel, some with nothing to do but scratching my head thinking about what to do next.

This one was different. Its that time of the year again when I move. I know! Yet again. I had been looking for a shared house sort of a situation. And somehow a lot of them seemed to come with pets of some sort. In some cases of all sorts! Like this person looking for a roommate who just couldn't turn down a stray and ended up with two dogs a cat and a parakeet. Not sure what else was hidden in her room. Almost ended up adopting her as my stray :)

Then this Saturday I went and visited this happy house. That's all I can think of calling it. The people were very nice and the cat and dog were simply adorable! Loved everyone and the house and signed the lease right away even though I'm sure its overpriced. But well I'm sure the experience will beat the loss. And so I'm the owner of a new lease! another six monther :)

After that the weekend was pretty routine... farmers market, hung out with friends over lunch, volleyball, tried to convince my sis to come up with a name all of us liked better, cursing myself all the while for having suggested the current choice... and some vegging. Oh and today I went and treated myself to a hair cut. Even though it was good, I wasn't so pleased with it and asked my friend to do what she could to alter it to how I wanted my hair.. and she very willingly obliged and chopped most of it away. Sort of reminded me of Edward Scissors Hand the speed and efficiency with which the whole job was done. Now for better or worse I'm back to sporting a bob! Oh and before that I had pani poori - two whole greedy plates and sugarcane juice! Yummy and only in the bay area. :)

In all of this I realized I almost forgot a birthday. This blog is going to turn one year old! and its still alive and kicking. Miracles do happen.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

These Days...

After being away the last two weekends, I have started to realize that I miss home.

Home is now the place where the bed is made the way I like. Where things are in their place and so I don't end up leaving my cell phone behind. Home is where I can lie back and wallow in being alone. Sleep in till ungodly hours and wake up when I please. Watch what I like on TV and not have to wait for my turn. Shower forever and not hold up others.

But then again I got reminded of what home was.

It was where Amma got my room dusted and ready for when me and my allergies would get back. Where no matter what I forget behind it wouldn't matter as someone would always travel with me or make sure I carried what I needed. Where I would lie back and wallow in a story book while Amma toiled away to make me my favourite food to eat. Home was where I would wake up to a tall glass of bathai juice squeezed fresh and waiting patiently for me to wake up. Where I snatch the remote from Amma's hands and browse through channels till I find something I like to watch. Where a bath is meticulously prepared - hot water in the buckets, kunkudkai with mandar akkullu mixed in as conditioner for my hair and sunnipindi for soap.

And then I realized why the place I'm typing this from can never really be home and wait for the arrival of the one person whose selfless love makes all the difference.