Monday, July 9, 2012

Follow the Flowers

Was on a three day backpacking trip in Yosemite this weekend. Carrying insane weight on my back; wheezing uphill at high altitudes; acting all cool like I've done this so many times before; packing food with an eye to the weight it would add; leaving behind the sunscreen tube only to regret it when the sun beat down even the weathered Indian skin. Learnt what terms like scree, talus and something-else-I-forget-now mean. Took many bold steps and some not so steady. Saw some really beautiful landscapes. Went on one of the hardest uphills in my life yet - Salkantay was hard; but this just beats it with the backpack and the pace these guys were setting! Saw a beautiful beautiful natural infinity pool. Skipped stones. Made a snowman. Turned a few shades darker. Had an awesome time in general.

But the most fascinating thing yet about wilderness backpacking/hiking - when the path goes missing, just follow the wildflowers. They lead you to it. No kidding.