Friday, March 23, 2012

Evocative II

Was cooking yesterday evening and happened to open this sealed bag of dried chilies. The aromas that hit the nose on opening the bag brought images to the minds eye. Images of sun filled fields, the land baked to cracked pies. The red chilies drying lazily in the sweltering haze undisturbed by the disinterested crows.
A snap of one chili and more fresh flavors hit the nose. Reminding one of summer days gone by. Ah the Indian summer. How I miss you!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I keep coming back to this often. Sometimes I sadly lack in perspective.

Recently had a conversation with a semi-bum who confessed he was looking for a dog to keep him warm on cold days. And I was instantly revolted by the idea. Like a curtain had been lifted, ever since I seem to spot dogs with most of the homeless people on the streets of SF. It just felt wrong that this was the reason for them to keep those pets. I guess earlier  I assumed they must have found stray dogs and are looking after them - not that the dogs were helping out by acting as warm water bottles.
And then yesterday I was having some meat and fell to thinking why I should denounce the homeless when I was on one hand killing animals for my eating pleasure. I hate how my head fights my cravings all the time. How can so many contradictory thoughts co-exist in the same space? 

Friday, March 16, 2012


I've always loved dancing. Tonight totally randomly happened to go for this movie Pina and it is simply awesome. Might have something to do with the fact that I was sipping on a glass of wine on a totally empty stomach. But I prefer to think that just enhanced the experience. On an aside: I feel I'd totally buy the idea of mushrooms to make life that one dimension more amazing.
I digress. Pina. So. Its supposed to be a documentary. Who likes those? Least of all me. So when I sat down and the reel started with some random people dancing around to some random words I was worried I'd have to sit through another couple of hours of this. But then the dances evolve and the characters speak. Very little. But enough to give you a sense of what they feel. And its beautiful Very evocative. Takes you just that far and leaves you reeling to the music visualizing the flow the dance should take. It was some experience. Totally worth the whole two + hrrs of 3D experience.

On the Veggie front - the Will died a sad death.