Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Kinda Art

If there is anything in man made things that keeps me captivated for some time its the written words. I can spend hours on end reading captivating stories, articles, etc. Pictures painted with words. The real killer is that they let me add my own interpretation on things. That's the true beauty. And I don't come out at the end saying, "What was that?!".
Been reading again. After a long long hiatus. And the words are beautiful. Love the images. How plain old boring words can create such a crack up of a story. And I'm just now discovering the pleasures in finding the odd articles worth reading. Never was one for newspapers before. Though I still don't end up reading much of  the news part of it anyway. And Opinions. That's the good stuff.
 Not to forget - never realized all those esoteric words were hiding in such plain sight all these days. Hope the reading continues.