Monday, July 26, 2010

The Day

It was finally here. The group had waited for it for long. Through the innumerable days training. Overcoming injuries - some were still suffering from them; but they were here today. Intent on seeing it through the finish. A good day for it - clouded, not too cold but with a crispness in the air which would sure come in handy.

The street lights were still on when the day started. Shining through the haze somehow. They were redundant soon enough though; the sun was out early on this summer day - behind the laden clouds. It was hard to believe it is summer. Everyone was ready, as ready as they could be. Or determined. Nothing would hold them back today. I was just a spectator. At best a supporter.

The endurance and will power in this group of people is phenomenal. Be it in the girl who slowly chugged her way to the finish or the guy with the injury to his foot which did not hold him back from finishing the run in 2:07! As one T-shirt said - "Running is a mental sport - and we are all INSANE". That's what I felt - they had to be insane to take this up! Their undying enthusiasm at the 10mi marker (where I was camped out for a long time) even after the steep climb that they just had to get over was amazing. They were thanking us for cheering them on! Dancing a jig to the tunes playing from their ipods.

The memories of the day will stay with me for long. The smiles from the runners passing us by. The camaraderie among the participants; supporting fellow runners to the finish. The determination overcoming the pain as they ran on with old injuries acting up. The buddy runner who ended up running about 20mi in support; and to think he had dropped off from registering for the half marathon due to injuries! The ecstatic joy in their faces as they reached the finish line. The sad eyes of the elder lady who couldn't believe her hip injury had to happen on this day after all her incident free training (I'm sure she will back again next year). Their appetites after the race :) The funny T-shirts they had on. The bundled up people ringing their bells, striking their gongs, cheering on the crowds of runners. The mass of humanity.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I got my hair cut yesterday. An expensive one, the most I have doled out yet for a hair cut. I usually let the stylist decide what they want to do with my hair. This time my only wish was to keep it shorter. And that was the first thing the guy overrode. He decided longer hair would rather suit me!

Anyway since I'd asked him to do whatever, couldn't complain much at that point. And so the only thing left to do was talk. And it was an interesting conversation. Jared was a construction worker in another life! Imagine, I was doling out good money to get my hair cut by an ex-construction worker.

He did tug at my hair more briskly than any other stylist I've known. And poked me with a pin once in between. But then after looking at the final result, I had to agree, he had come a long way from his construction days. And his leap in career choice must only have been cos he had found his calling.