Thursday, April 26, 2012

Window to Life on a Rainy Day

Its been great weather recently. Sun shiny days and warm evenings. In the midst of all this, we have resfreshing showers today. More of my grey and fresh green weather.

Was sitting next to a window lazily munching on some oatmeal and whiling time browsing at work anticipating my vacation coming up, when I saw the gardener head out in his yellow rain jacket. Shears clipped on hanging low at his waist. Glove covered hands pushing the lawnmower in front of him. He is one with his surroundings.

A perfect setting. As he pushed the lawnmower around between the low hanging trees, scattering the grass and the rain drops in a splatter around the mower. Surely wafting smells of fresh cut grass. And I had to make a note to myself - when I'm past the holds ups enforced on my work life cos of VISAs etc, I should one day sign up to be a gardener. I have a feeling I will love it, and with some help from my green-fingered Mothers gene pool, I should do grandly at it too!