Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Its That Simple

Next year I will have nineteen paid days off. Which I can technically take any time I want - barring conflict with work. Enough to take one extra day off adjacent to a weekend every month. And then some.
So I have decided I shall go on a small trip every month. Atleast one per month. Explore. All it takes is getting over my laziness, packing my bags and maybe a little bit of planning ahead. In line with these thoughts I will set out today to look for these twelve spots I want to check out next year. Will update this post with the list by eod today. That shall be my first step overcoming my procrastination.

Update with possibilities:

Peru - Machu Pichu & Iguazu Falls(?)
Yellow Stone National Park
Death Valley

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Weekend of Feasting

Thats what this one turned out to be. Started with dosas, dahi vada, pongal and yummy carrot custard a friends Mom dished out for a bunch of us. And then in the evening a get together at another friends place where I met S's wife for the first time and A is back from her India trip. S and his wife are headed out on that Amazon trip we were all hoping to go on! I guess he got fed up with waiting on us to give him company! :). More yummy food followed by amazing kesar halwa.
Sunday was a day at the city with a beach trip thrown in and some shopping. The beach was surprisingly warm, not the water mind you, which I didn't dare touch, the air was warm and I sat down and watched the surfers for a bit, concluding that they must be manics to be swimming in those cold cold waters. But it looked oh so fun floating on the waves. Went to the shops near Union Square for the first time. Love the daunting man made buildings and bridge. And deals how I hate you - making me buy stuff I never intended to!
Ended up at a friends place for dinner. Another get together. Met everyone after real long. A month (these are people I used to meet every weekend, so a month felt like a loong time). Had more yummy food and ended with the most devine semi-liquid pala kova. Was telling my friend how I always remember what she made for us that very first time she called us over for dinner on her birthday. Its not a trivial thing - me remembering stuff. Her cooking left a mark.
Beyond the feasting it was a great weekend. Got to meet a ton of friends. Walked down the downtown area close to home and saw the holiday lights for the first time. Where have I been these days? Missed out on quite a few of the regular stuff. Oh and talked with another good friend after a long long time. Donno why it took so long there again.
A good weekend.