Friday, March 25, 2011


Since I wrote what I did below, I happened to come across a video, an amazing and inspiring one where there was this view about art - that it is something that makes you think beyond what you do on a regular day. Something that makes you wonder. Taking that for my definition now, I have to say I have come across a lot of art thus far, every day, and even though I never defined it as art till this moment, just as a means to transport me beyond my daily drudge, I think it qualifies. After all art is that which enhances life. Or is that just another opinion I have adopted? :)

There is this one exhibit I saw once. It was in a room all by itself. A big room. When I entered it, at first I couldn't see the exhibit. My eye-sight is partly to blame I'm sure. But then as I got in some more, I could make out that there was a beam of light focused on  this particular spot on the floor somewhere to the opposite corner of the room. I walked closer to see what was there. I had to walk quite a bit before I could see it in all its glory. A small cube. About the size of a die.
I have since told the story about this ridiculous exhibit I had once seen. Had quite a few laughs. But then, of all the things in that museum that day, there are only a few I can vividly recall. This has been one. It has made me wonder quite a bit I have to say. But still something stops me from calling it art. I guess the thoughts that come out of the wondering have to be positive in some sense for me to acknowledge it as art.

I rather surprise myself with my perspective sometimes. And maybe one day I will read this post again and realize how transitional it truly is.


Had this discussion with a friend the other day and wanted to check what others think..
What does ART mean for you? I guess I'm trying to understand what one is looking for in Art and why some things are artsy for some and not so much for others.

To me personally, I guess I'm looking for something which is aesthetically pleasing. Or maybe something that captures life in a different light. I'm sure if I give it more thought I can throw in more points for what works for me. But one thing remains - I am many times not able to figure out modern art.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is There a Time for Morals?

I was reading this article about how there has been no looting happening in Japan post the recent earthquake and tsunami. And the opinion of readers is that this is due to the moral standards of the Japanese populace. And the fact that they don't violate those standards in times of disruption. Got to me thinking how strong my standards are. To the most part, I would try to stick to them probably, but then I realized I'm not averse to following the crowd and maybe, just maybe, if I saw everybody dipping into a broken down store and picking up what they liked, I would follow suit.  Would that be out of a survival instinct to stock up for what might come in whatever way possible? Donno.

Its a hard thing to do - sticking to morals at all times. I'm glad I came across this article. Admire the people.