Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Reflections from the Past

Riding on the light-rail, I see this man lying down on one of the three seaters. Lying down on his back with knees bent to fit in. He has his palm lifted to his forehead. And I wonder about his thoughts. What could be going on his life to warrant this dramatic pose. The riders of the light rail are usually a bunch of prim office commuters and you can imagine how uncommon this mans pose is.

In my life, the only contribution I make to society is the little work that I end up doing on the days that I really work. I'm one of those very easily replaceable workers who walk the aisles of our company. My brains is what define my life. What am I beyond an office worker? A flailing brat of a sister; a belligerent daughter; a remembered cousin/niece; a half hearted friend. I don't make an impact on anyone's life around me. And subsequently my work day defines my life. It might sound pathetic stripped down; but it's a fun life. Not half as bad as many people have it. I try to count my blessings and see the bright side of things.

But what am I if not what my brains make me. If I had half my faculties on that front, would life be as meaningful? As comfortable?

A sobering thought.

(...a note I had on my phone from a while back)