Thursday, February 25, 2010

Panic on the Highway

Was cruising up the highway as usual with the radio blasting and enjoying the unusually cushioned drive. The loaner did have one advantage on the bumpy road - better suspension. And a brighter colour - RED! It only seemed natural then that I should check how the cooper performed in comparison with the cooper S. I was going at a comfortable 55mph when I started revving. 60mph all is good, it was responding well to the gas rush. 65mph - going strong.... and thats when it started. The rmp shot from about 3500 to beyond 5000 all of a sudden and the engine started crying out for gas. The blood rushed to my head in alarm and I got busy checking the cars around me to ensure I could pull off to the curb... when it hit me - I was driving an automatic and the gears must have changed. They weren't in my control today!

- Experiences of a manual transmission driver.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lighting a Cigarette

Standing in the aisle of a bus, slowly inching away, giving space (taking space?) whenever someone gets on.
Swatting at his arms, swinging away, whenever he got too close to her face with his karate moves in his attempts to bug his sibling.
Giving way to the passerby walking on the pavement into the streets you just left behind.
Drawing brows just that little bit closer when a tailor is taking measurements.
Finding space on the dance floor, avoiding bumping into the other dancers.

Standing by the lamp, with a wave of her cigarette holding arm requesting, drawing close to allow the stranger to light up the cigarette now between her lips. A shared passion for cigarettes wiping away personal space edicts.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thoughts Floating Around

Thought 1. European/Eastern movies have so much more depth of story to them than American movies in general...

Thought 2. I'm fascinated by how people are capable of assigning labels of characteristics to others... It just beats me... my reactions are so cavemanish in comparison :P

Thought 3. I never did get what the whole rave about Pan's Labyrinth is... I mean its well made and I can appreciate the nuances in the movie.. but maybe not totally cos I still don't get why people love it... Somebody care to explain?