Friday, October 31, 2014


There is something about this season which evokes retrospection. While the city is going wild around me, I'm ensconced in my throw with a cup of tea and a slice of cake on my laptop browsing away the night.

Why the city is going wild you ask? Well the Giants won the World Series. I know I know. World Series. But hey, thats America for you. To celebrate that we had the parade today (of which this is my fav photo (absolutely not mine!)).  Also happens to be Halloween tonight. Or day of the dead. Take your pick.

And so while the revelers revel and the ghosts visit the living, I'm clicking away at some keys getting deeper and deeper into the realms of the cloud. Thats where the internet seems to reside these days.

Things of note since the last few posts:

I've been on an almost sans sugar diet! For a bet, I'm not yet a health food geek. Except for one day of the week. And inevitably I seem to go bonkers on sugar that one day. Take today for example - started the sugar day with ice-cream at 9 in the morning. And then one more at 10. This despite knowing I was doing too well with dairy these days. And then I went on to get some seriously evil hot chocolate they make at this place called Dandelion. Has become my haunt for sugar days. And of course lets not forget the said slice of cake idling on the side table right now.

Got denied entry to a Country. Yea, apparently I'm a person of harmful intent to Costa Rica. Costa Rica. But then again, taught me a lesson to respect the edicts of VISA requirements. So I made a day long trip to Costa Rica and back on an expired US VISA. Also learnt in the process that as long as you don't cross the immigration border of a different country and you fly out from US, you have strictly not left the US soil yet. Even if you fly some gazillion miles away and back.

Changed roles at work and now have this amazing amazing boss. Though the work satisfaction is still taking a hit. I'm blaming the timeline of the move for now. Learning foosball. Have picked up some tricks. Oh and PacMan!

Have been on more backpacking trips. One more half dome trip. Visited Bali! How could I have almost forgotten that?! Thailand happened somewhere before that. Oh, and Zion NP. And Bryce Canyon. Beautiful. Thunder storms and hail adding spice to an already wonderful trip. Though missing out on the narrows hike due to the same was a bit of a bummer.

Married off another cousin.

Volunteering with Trail building/cleanup.

An eventful year all in all. And its not yet at an end.

Just occurred to me that maybe its not the season, its the rains bringing on the retrospection. Incidentally has been raining on and off all day. But then again winter and rains go hand in hand here. Guess thats one more reason to look forward to the rains. The other major one being the drought CA is facing right now.

PS: Eeeeks!! I have just one hour left to relish that slice of cake! Have to get at it!