Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It was one of those things that was meant to be. Was running late for my flight - last minute shopping for gifts. Was busy calculating time remaining and alternate options to my green plans while I rushed home to pack finally. I open the door and who do I see? a friend, come visiting to check out the empty room for rent (he didn't know I lived there)! and he was gracious enough to wait while I packed and give me a lift to the airport. It was bound to be. A good vacation.

Met old friends and the new people in their lives, visited old haunts and the new looks they got. And then there were the snow flakes! magically floating down just when we got into the car. Early snow. Another wish come true. And the locked door that somehow opened and gave us access to the environs from days gone by. The lazy campus that would buzz with young blood come Monday.

I finally scored my hit. Only now I'm more addicted and already looking for the next one. The walk over the bridge, the heave of cars rushing past below us. The crimson Sun blazing out in glory - silhouetting the skyline. The yummy food, the multitude of people. The hunt for new boots. Meeting old friends, making peace with the past. The train rides, the maze of the subway. Insane hours and even more insane night sounds which just cannot keep you from falling to sleep. Hot air blowing out of the road, keeping you warm on the long chilly walks the city has to offer. Beautiful bridges over energetic waters. Streets throbbing with life. It is one place I will never get enough of. New York, New York.

PS: Thanks to my friend who magically appeared on my flight back home and circumvented the long journey from the airport and got me to work on time.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Out There

For a while now I've had a hankering for being out there - in India experiencing the monsoon, the thunder, the breeze, the slush, the.... you get the idea - Nature. Even today I was sitting in front of my desktop looking at pictures of people scuttling in rains and hoping that was me. And then I realize, its not about where I am. Its about how I get around!

While at school I traveled by bus to and from school and home. Same was the case for under-grad and grad schools. There was a lot of walking involved too and inevitably one ran into "bad" weather under those circumstances. Only now that I have a car parked about 30sec dash from where-ever I am, I never run into "nature".

So in a bid to bring comfort to my soul, I have decided I shall take public transportation to work at least once a week. And seeing as I have early morning (come on, I sleep late!) meetings on Wed, Thur, Fri, I guess it shall have to be on Mon or Tue. And maybe I should walk to the farmers market every so often on the weekends too...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Wall - Update

Since I don't have walls to paint on - I did the next best thing. Painted on a T-shirt! It was a lot of fun. Hoping to do more of it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Wall

This past Thursday was the best weather I have experienced in a while. It was absolutely sublime. Cleared out the woozies in one swell sweep. Nature has this way of setting things, doesn't it? Anyway since then I've come across a couple of pics that are sooo awesome that I've decided - the next time I rent (can't at current place) I'm so dedicating a wall to painting. Maybe more than one wall. Bring some fun into the room.