Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I keep coming back to this often. Sometimes I sadly lack in perspective.

Recently had a conversation with a semi-bum who confessed he was looking for a dog to keep him warm on cold days. And I was instantly revolted by the idea. Like a curtain had been lifted, ever since I seem to spot dogs with most of the homeless people on the streets of SF. It just felt wrong that this was the reason for them to keep those pets. I guess earlier  I assumed they must have found stray dogs and are looking after them - not that the dogs were helping out by acting as warm water bottles.
And then yesterday I was having some meat and fell to thinking why I should denounce the homeless when I was on one hand killing animals for my eating pleasure. I hate how my head fights my cravings all the time. How can so many contradictory thoughts co-exist in the same space? 

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