Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Of Habits and Randomness

As my friend puts it: Alert - Indulgent!

I'm fast becoming a creature of habits. Wake up around seven in the morning. Get ready and turn up at the train station by 8:17am. Yup, I’m counting the insignificant digits between the zeroes and fives these days. Reach work. Head to cafĂ© if it’s one of those days I wake up hungry. Hopefully catch a glimpse of that cute guy at work. Then work or pretend to do so till noon when I head for lunch. Some random conversations with colleagues or pretend I’m a super busy girl who has to stay in touch with her email all day - even at lunch. Or get entangled in situations where I get asked by a HR guy (he should have warned me before suggesting we eat together!) what keeps me at my company still. Just when I’m seriously contemplating quitting and finding what I really like. Just when I’m searching for a reason to stay on. And admitting to him that the company goals and value system didn’t jibe with me much. All this when I was almost tongue tied cos said cute guy was sitting right next all through. 
Going back to the creature of habit – lunch and then osme more pretense of working. And then rushing off to catch that 5:20 light rail on my way home. Have even given up the pretense of taking my laptop home and maybe working. And my boss seems totally fine with that. Though I wonder what my neighboring colleagues think of the hours I keep. I’m sure I’m setting a terrible sense of morale all around considering how much everyone else seems to be slogging.
Home by 6:30pm picking up that wrap on the way for dinner. I seem to have peculiarly become very non-picky about food these days. Cut up some fruit and settle in with some Netflix. Just to wake up to another day of the same. Till the weekend rolls in.
So the random stuff. The jogging that I have gotten back to again these days. The three miles I’m trying to perfect and be able to run without sweating. The escape to the badminton courts. Though that’s a new one (translate just happened once so far). I walks around campus with colleagues. The occasional jaunt with the camera. Though that has had a temporary hiatus enforced after I messed up the lens trying out the new stand recently. Hope to get it back fixed soon. The beautiful beautiful moon rises. The overheard conversations. The amazing music I’ve uncovered recently and rediscovering repeat playing of the same song over and over and over and over…
The lazy perusal of whatever book draws the fancy over the perfect duration train rides. Spotting the regulars on the train or rather at the stations I get off or board at. And weekends. Now those are a totally different story. For some other time. Great days. Great lazy days. 


Anonymous said...

This post is so much like the beginning of a thriller where they establish a routine and then smthg happens to change it all....Hoping to see a change and in a nice way :)

Anonymous said...

No posts from any blogs I follow in months :) Does that mean the end of winter and people are actually stepping out and having a life? :)