Thursday, May 31, 2012


Went on a long long holiday. Almost all of four weeks off. In Peru and loved it!
For most part of it was travelling by myself and had the best of experiences. Learnt some Spanish. Had conversations with people from all over the world and of all age groups. Loved how Peruvians would try and hold a conversation with me even though I had next to no Spanish vocab. How the cab drivers never yell and are ready with a smile. How everyone seemed to like Indians. One of the first things most travelers are interested in finding out about you is your age. Time blurs but for when you have to be up early for that hike or that tour. And days of the week just don't matter. Expecting good stuff all around seems to work. Backpackers are the friendliest bunch around. Juices are by default fresh squeezed! Breakfast is a common presence every day. Toting a heavy heavy camera around is just worth it! Despite all the complaints along the way :)
Drinking beer helps. Beauty is everywhere.
Hammocks rock (note to self: see if you can string one up around the house). Sunsets over water rock more! I sweat too. Humidity in the air is the coolest. Hippies exist everywhere. Boat rides are "wicked". Europeans are the most world "current affiars" aware. London kids are stoned half their life. Americans get/take the shortest breaks. Quitting job and traveling is not a bad option. There is sooo much to see and learn. Leaving behind travel buddies is pretty sad. Bus rides suck. Train rides are rad. Flights are not bad. Walking is pretty high up there next to train rides.

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On The Move said...

Nice that you had a great time but I have a sneaking suspicion that you are happy to be back, as well.