Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Feel the Force

I was walking uphill the other day looking around when I got jarred out of my reverie with a misstep - I hadn't noticed the dip in the path and landed too hard. Got me thinking about the things the brain can do which when consciously processed are so hard to figure out. Like all of Engineering Mechanics. The brain already works it all out - the Mass X Acceleration required to run at a certain pace; the adjustment for inclination - you always step down soft when you know what the surface ahead is like; the exact angle a person needs to be looking at to look back at your eyes; the split second adjustments the eye is always making to focus on objects as you move your head around. The angle from where you hear that sound. I think we have an internal clock too - I manage to get up just before that alarm jars me awake most times!

Imagine the possibilities if we could just live that knowledge into our day instead of having to work it out with pencil and paper.

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