Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lost... Questions. I seem to be having a lot of questions these days. Like today. I was reading this book about the struggles of this kid in Africa. How he was living every day worried it would be his last. And realized one of the top things I worry about in a day is what do I eat next. Or how do I fill my evening. I guess its a nice world when those happen to be my topmost worries.
But today I had this thought about how obsolete some of these questions should be. The what to eat thing for example - I mean with this whole evolution thing which helped us weed through food choices, and develop habits which should naturally be healthy (else we should not have survived this long?).. possibly have arrived at a life style which ensures we live a longer & healthier time. And yet today many of our hours in the day are spent obsessing about how to eat healthy and what to include in our diet and how to keep our bodies exercised and fit. Are we in this age ignoring life lessons from our ancestors somehow? Or has this been the way of life always? Learn some lose some.
I remember how my Dad used to always chide me to learn from others experiences instead of making my own mistakes and learning from them. Shouldn't evolution have taught us to think the right way? But still how much joy we get from trying new things! I guess its true that sometimes the arch-nemesis lies within itself. Our willingness to try new things and grow/learn might also be the trait that leads to our downfall too. Take nuclear energy for instance.

Hmm. Sometimes there are no answers. And even if there are we, ignore them in the pursuit of small pleasures. But then isn't one supposed be appreciating the small things in life. This kinda sounds like that proof for 2 = 1 :)

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