Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sundays Again

Now that I'm back to jogging, I've decided to jog Sundays at different locations in the city. Ending with brunch. Back to my Sunday Brunches. And so to keep the trend going I've picked the Golden Gate Park for this Sundays jog with brunch at the Japanese Tea Garden within the park. Lets see how that goes. Shall review the place in Sunday at Brunch.
Oh and this is if I don't go off on some trip for the long weekend. Which reminds me, I should evaluate my resolution last year to travel to twelve new places. Not sure if I did. Lets see... There is Grand Canyon, preceded by Alaska, Seattle, San Luis Obispo, Arches in Utah, Yosemite half dome (not sure this counts as I've been to Yosemite before even if not on the half dome hike), hmm.. thats it! Half the number aimed for... not bad considering.. Hopefully will finally get that VISA and go visit outside of US this year. Should work on a new list. Coming soon.

PS: Doing great on the vegetarianism these past 2 and half months! Proud of me-self :)

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Anonymous said...

malli vegetarian? dude u need your protein! Like the new look BTW